Our flock of poultry are fed non-GMO feed to provide the healthiest of eating experience free of residual effects derived from genetically modified feed sources. 100% pasture raised with sunshine and rain.
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Grass-Fed & Finished (No Grain)

Our lambs and rabbits are maintained and finished on pasture. These animals are conceived, born, grown, and harvested on a forage based diet. We do not cheat by adding high starch feed as this decreases the animals' health due to increases in toxic fat deposits on the animal, as commonly experienced in animals destined for feedlots and the commodity market. To maintain the proper level of health and vigor, the animals are provided daily new and fresh pasture. In the winter months, the animals are supplemented through hay to counter the lack of fertility common in the southeast. The forage based diet provides an animal in its pinnacle of health through diversity of vegetative growth. There is an increase in CLA, Omega-3, and density in vitamins and minerals to provide you a healthy, hearty, and enjoyable eating experience. As a consumer you deserve a clean and natural product. Only the Best for Your Family and Ours.
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No Hormones or Steroids (Drug Free)

The commodity market pumps the animal with hormones and steroids to increase the rate of gain to get the animal to market sooner. As with us, the use of narcotics is counter productive to ones health; there is no difference with an animal. The animal destined for the commodity market, after being pumped with drugs, retains these growth hormones in its body, thus passing onto you as the consumer. To maintain the health of the animal, we do not administer medications, growth hormones, or other drugs to provide you a clean and healthy eating experience. Only the Best for Your Family and Ours!
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