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The threat of ‘GREENwashing’ - recommendations to navigate misleading claims

'GREENeashing' is the misleading or false claims made by the international corporations to create and increase in perceived value. This marketing gimmick is a ploy to unethically increase profits for the four major meat companies to the detriment of the everyday consumer. It is your responsibility, as the consumer, to be informed and to not accept the false claims of the commodity market. Through this article, I will provide information to aid you on your journey in the pursuit of morally raised and ethically produced foods.

What exactly is 'regenerative'

Often, the labeling of meats at the supermarket can be overwhelming, confusing, and just plain frustrating. The packaging is slapped with claims of Product of the USA, Organic Certified, Naturally Raised, Pasture Raised, and Free-Range. Have you ever asked, "do they truly live up to these claims?" Please read on to discover how we at Follow Me Land & Livestock actually practice what we preach.


How does an individual or a family achieve food security while mitigating the threat of inflation and a devalued dollar?