What’s in a Name

written by

Kevin Cory

posted on

February 13, 2022

What’s in a Name?

Follow Me Land & Livestock is inspired by the call to action of the US Army’s Infantry Leader, “Follow Me!” 

As we are located outside the Fort Benning back gate, it is only fitting to take the call of the Infantryman. Fort Benning (rich in history and a critical community to the Greater Columbus area) has been the Home of the Infantry since the Infantry School moved from Monterey, California in the early 1900s. Since then, every Infantryman has entered the gates as a generic individual and left with the Blue Cord. Soldiers and Leaders alike. 

“Follow Me!” 

The call to action.

 The inspiration for our production principles. As a diverse enterprise we graze your sheep, rabbits, and poultry in a leader-follower technique. First are the sheep. They clear the brush and graze the vegetation down allowing the smaller animals (rabbit and poultry) to follow behind on their daily pasture moves. The rabbits further graze the grasses and forbs and the poultry, with their nitrogen dense manure, graze and deposit this fertilizer on the ground improving the fertility of the soil. The grass then grows back vigorously (after having sheep, rabbit, and poultry over the land). After the requisite amount of rest, the animal flerd (combination of animal species) again grazes the land, keeping it in green growth.

“Follow Me!”

The call to action - Leadership through example. 

Regretfully, the modern era looks to the generic farmer as the cause of climate change and air & water pollution. Our government regulates and punishes these producers. While poorly managed livestock can have the bad rep, your animals and your farm is different.

By keeping the flerd on a daily pasture move, the nutrient dense manure is dispersed over the land - where it belongs. This allows the soil to digest this manure to build fertility. Our land is not polluted as the amount of nutrients suits the microbial action of the soil. The soil is alive and grows allowing the rapid growth of the various grasses, legumes, and forbs. With the soil digestion, there is no risk of the nutrients being washed into our waterways. With the soil digestion and lack of concentration, there is no smell. With the grazing of the vegetation (carbon), the plant growth springs back thus sequestering ever increasing levels of carbon from the air and places it in the soil where it belongs. Your farm’s production principles does not degrade and pollutes; it heals. Leadership through example.

”Follow Me!”

The call to action.

As a discerning stakeholder, you desire the best and inspired to action. Whether that is the inspiration to support your local businesses, feed yourself and your family the most nutritious meals, or to support a healing, eco-friendly enterprise, you are the leader our community needs and deserves. Lead by example.

Follow Me! on our journey!

Kevin & Laura

Only the Best for Your Family and Ours

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