The Happenings - March '23

written by

Kevin Cory

posted on

March 3, 2023

I hope you had a chance to read over our last blog pertaining to our new year of opportunity. If not, you can get caught up here.

In our last email, we mentioned the closing on new property. Well, we did it! We are now the proud owners of Sweetwater Branch Farm and The Front Porch, with the help of our Angel Investors (nod and wink) and you, our loyal customers, who have made this a possibility.

Sweetwater Branch Farm and The Front Porch is conveniently located in Fort Mitchell, AL and a short drive from Columbus and Phenix City. And for our Service Memebrs, it is right outside the back gate of Fort Benning! This purchase will allow us to manage the property and the animals as they should be managed - in accordance with natural Design and your expectations. We do not need to answer to an unpredictable landlord! We only must answer to YOU - our health conscious and discerning neighbor and supporter.

Sweetwater Branch Farm - The Vision

Sweetwater branch Farm is an abandoned 50-acre homestead. The property used to be in investment timber and holds a 100-year-old farmhouse. It's been abandoned for the past three years, and the house is in need of repairs and the land is overgrown with brambles and generally unthrifty. We have our work cut out for us to get the property into the proper method of production by focusing on accessibility and fertility (The Egg Exchange). This will be an uphill battle - but aren't all battles that are worth fighting daunting and "uphill?"

However, beauty is int he eyes of the beholder. The positive minded individual can see the beauty and opportunity while the perceiver of negativity sees what they want to see. For us, the glass is always half-full.

But, we're realists and pragmatic. We have the work cut out for us: we have brush to clear; fence rows to install; trees to plant; grape vines to establish; controlled burns to conduct. All of these are necessary costs (labor, time, and money) associated with a rapid increase to our scale or production. But, anything worth doing well requires hard work. Challenge gives birth to opportunity.

Benefits to you:

  • As the owners of Sweetwater Branch Farm, we can increase our scale of production resulting in better reliability and predictability to you.
  • We can further diversify production by including naturally produced beef, antibiotic free pork, grass-finished lamb, and steroid free chicken.
  • Diversification includes opportunity to provide you Liquid Gold through a herd share. Providing you the benefit of natural, raw milk.
  • The Egg Exchange. We’re in need of compost and we have eggs. You have the compostables and in need of eggs. Let’s strike a deal.
  • Transparency. We are beholden to God and to you as our customers. God is always present and we're honest in our practices, while you drop in at any point during the day. Double accountability.
  • Retail exempt store front opportunity through The Front Porch.

As mentioned previously, we will increase our scale of production, beginning with our line of Freedom Chicken. The benefit of chicken is the fast turnaround compared to lower infrastructure requirements. For the next several weeks, we will increase by 200x broilers each month. While being a relatively easy animal to grow, the biggest hurdle is in processing. So, if you're up for it, and you want to truly appreciate where your food comes from, you can swing out to YOUR farm and learn how to dress out chicken. This allows you to be a part of the harvest while gaining a greater appreciation for your food, our production principles, and good comradery.

You’ll also have the opportunity to learn more and appreciating the process of producing a healthy and safe product. This is the ultimate in transparency – can the big meat packers tout the same claim.

All of this is exciting! But with the purchase of land, we are actively looking at our accounting and finances (we are a business after all). For us to continue to provide you with a healthy alternative to the commodity product, we must remain a profitable business. This is new for us, so please be patient as we will likely continue to learn and adjust our prices throughout the year. However, unlike the enormous, grocery store conglomerates, we will continue our direct communication to you.

Going into March, be on the lookout for our promotions on chicken, raw milk, pork, quail, rabbit, and beef!


This is daunting! But we know we can do this with your continued support. We are faced with new opportunities, new challenges, and the ability to provide you Only the Best for Your Family and Ours!

Blessed Day,​

Kevin & Laura Cory


Only the Best for Your Family and Ours

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