Freedom Chicken - The Healthier Choice

written by

Kevin Cory

posted on

July 9, 2022


Freedom Chicken is the epitome of a pasture based production system and the most nutrient dense, cleanest chicken you can get in the area.

All animals at Follow Me Land & Livestock are managed in a manner that captures processes found in Nature.  In an open range environment (Africa savanna, the Arctic North Slope of Alaska, the Great Plains) the flora and fauna rely upon an ever moving cycle of leader-follower animal activity.  The large ruminants (cattle, bison, wildebeest) are pressured by predators and the initial depletion of forage keeps these vast herds on the move.  Following behind the ruminant are birds.  These birds (omnivores) sanitize the fields and supplement their diet on the initial regrowth of grasses and forbs.  

We use this natural cycle to our advantage resulting in an eating experience packed with nutrition.  

When compared to non-pastured chicken, pasture raised chickens have the following nutritional benefits:

  • 91% more Omega 3 fatty acids
  • 52% less saturated fats (less bad fat)
  • 407% more Vitamin E

WOW!!!! How is this possible?

A Healthier Protocol

Our Freedom Chicken is truly free-range in open pastures to provide as natural of a setting as feasible. 

There are no buildings. 

There are no cages. 

There are no dirt pads. 

62% more exposure to sunshine, fresh air, and fresh rain. 

The birds are provided a shade structure to protect them from the sun and predation to reduce stress.  

We exceed industry standards of "free range" and "cage free" as found in the big box store to make the only stressful day the animal experiences occurs at the point of harvest. Because of the elimination of stress and rely upon pasture, we do not pump them with narcotics, vaccines, and hormones. 

Zero antibiotics, Zero drugs.

Fresh grass.

Free of Corn, Soy, and GMOs

Healthier Environment

The mimicking of natural systems calls for the animal being exposed to new, fresh forage each day.  The birds have the ability to glean 40%-60% of their diet from the environment.  Grass, forbes, weeds, insects, grubs, worms.  These feed sources provide a more balanced diet as the chicken gets to enjoy its innate antics (scratching & picking).  

The Difference

Many chicken products found at your local behemoth grocery store claim “free range.”  However, this is misleading as these birds are still housed in large, immobile buildings where a small door is made available to the birds.  But do the birds, housed in the 1000s, truly have the opportunity to fresh air?  No.

Don’t believe me? 

  1. I challenge you to visit and see the birds.
  2. Discover more:
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