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February 27, 2023

What is a Herd Share and How does it work?

A herd share is your alternative to the overly treated, bland dairy products found at your local grocery store. The industry standard for milk and dairy products requires the milk to be both pasteurized and homogenized to make the weeks old product shelf stable and safe for consumption. For the conventional grocery store, this is important for your health and experience. However, the excessive abuse of the milk creates a product that is lack luster compared to the liquid gold, fresh milk presents. The conventional dairy product is a mockery of milk.

All mammals produce milk. 

If you or your spouse breastfed you children, you know that the breast milk (liquid gold) has a very short expiration date. If you’ve frozen the milk, you notice the milk separates into milk solids (healthy, nutrient dense fats and protein) and into whey. Because of the nature of milk, regulation dictates the milk be picked up within 72-hrs from the farm and shipped to a consolidated government backed coop facility. At this facility, milk from a region of producers is then pasteurized (heated to kill off both good and bad enzymes) and then separated (solids and whey). The milk solids (butter fats and associated enzymes) are then forced through a micro-sieve which breaks up the healthy and perfect fats resulting in the solids being conducive for suspension in a water mixture, rendering it shelf stable. This excessive process, while being ideal for the conventional model, is not ideal for the health of your family. The grocery stores’ dairy aisle provides a mockery of the perfection of raw milk. The ultimate deepfake.

Because of the health benefits of raw milk. The milk is the perfect medium for your health. However, the perfection of milk also means it is the ideal medium for bacterial growth and if not controlled, renders the milk unfit for human consumption. Because of this nature, milk and dairy are the most regulated commodities creating hurtles for the average consumer. However, there is an alternative to the status quo – own your own animals!

The government cannot regulate food you produce for your own family. However, not everyone has the means, knowledge, and infrastructure to have their personal dairy animal in their back yard. And, image what your HOA would say!

The alternative is a herd share. Think of this as owning a portion of the dairy animal. This is the same principle as trading stocks (shares) of any publicly traded company. You purchase a share of common stock (% ownership) in exchange for dividends. In the case of a publicly traded company, the dividends are ideally returned in cash equivalence. With a herd share, you buy partial ownership of the herd. However, the 'dividend' is the produced asset from the dairy animals – liquid gold (fresh, raw milk).

We, like many of you, diversify our savings through stocks and mutual funds. When the market is good – we have a higher return. When the market is bad (like the past few years) – you might not have a return or even lose money. This is the risk of investing and percent ownership in exchange for cash dividends. This principle of risk applies to a herd share as well. When production is good – you have a high return in dividends (milk). When production is reduced – there are less returns on investment. But the difference in a herd share (compared to trading stocks) is that your herd will always be in production. There are just aspects of seasonality.

The seasonality of agriculture production can and will be mitigated to maintain a constant flow of milk. This is achieved through programed breeding schedules which allows peak production conducive with natural design (Spring & Summer) while mitigating the lower production periods of Winter. However, there are numerous methods to extend your supply of milk. Modern methods include freezing and freeze drying (coming later). Or you can tap into centuries old methods of milk preservation: cheeses, kefir, yogurt, etc.

A herd share is your opportunity to achieve your personal food security without the burden of possessing expertise in animal husbandry, nutrition, and land management. You can leave that to your local, neighborhood farmer.

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