Regenerative Agriculture at Follow Me Land & Livestock

written by

Kevin Cory

posted on

July 9, 2022

Regenerative Agriculture at Follow Me Land & Livestock

All of the benefits of regenerative agriculture is passed onto YOU as the consumer both directly and indirectly.  Healthy soils produce balanced vegetative growth that is packed with vitamins, minerals, and complex flavonoids.  The animal, consuming healthier forage, produces fats and meats packed full with nutritional benefits. YOU directly benefit by consuming healthier, more nutrient dense animal protein and fats.  YOU indirectly benefit as our neighbor because the air and water is cleaner and more pure.  There are no foul odors from our livestock.

But how do we achieve this? 

Regenerative is the application of production principles to elicit a desired outcome through the symbiotic relationship between the management, the livestock, the land, and the wildlife. In practice, the application of regenerative principles are as unique as the farm itself. Why? Because each farm experiences different variables that are unique to their individual operation. But, bottom line… If soil health is improving then everything else will follow including improved food quality, a cleaner environment, and a healthier society. The idea of soil health is the rejuvenation of soil biology (yes the dirt is alive) which will improve the carbon cycle, the water cycle, and the nutrient density of plant material.

Leave it better than you found it” is our measure of effectiveness.

To help grasp what regenerative farming looks like at Follow Me Land & Livestock, we adhere to these following principles:


Build soil organic matter

Symbiosis with Nature through biodiversity

Healthier and more productive soil that is resilient

ZERO chemical inputs - ZERO pollution

Cleaner air and water

Enhanced wildlife habitat

The mode to achieve the aforementioned measures of effectiveness requires a focus on the carbon cycle by promoting the sequestration of carbon into the soil.

In comparison to organic certified, there are multiple nuances that are intersectional.  However, there are striking differences between organic certified and regenerative.  Regenerative Agriculture is not:

A formula 

A list of protocols

A universal how-to manual

A list of recipes to be followed

Is not required to be sanctioned by the Federal Government to meet regulatory requirements

The philosophy of Regenerative Agriculture is different in application as the local ecology of the farm dictates the nuances.  The application is as varied as the farm itself.  However, the focus remains on the improvement of the soil by repairing or capturing the phenomenon of carbon sequestration.  By increasing the amount of and availability of carbon in the soil results in increased water retention (go back to highschool chemistry as carbon attracts other molecules).  The increase of water retention promotes an improvement of the environment for microbial action, at the microscopic level.  By increasing biological action, there is an increase of enzymatic activity to make minerals more accessible for the larger, more complex vegetative life (grass). 

Healthy soils are more resilient and resilient soils are resistant to drought and flood activities.  Healthy soils capture more precipitation allowing each drop of rain to be retained in the land it falls upon as the complex web mycorrhiza (symbiotic complex of fungal mycelium and plant roots).  The increased soil health further improves the health and vigor of the plants resulting in cleaner air and water.  

Ultimately, the profitability of the practitioner of Regenerative Agriculture is of paramount concern as the farmer is responsible for the benefits of agriculture.  For the benefits of society, the farmer must remain in business and be rewarded for his contributions to his neighbors.  This post simplifies the complexities of Nature and it is the farmers’ vision and actions which results in the harnessing of natural phenomena.  

For further understanding of how we apply Regenerative Agriculture please jump over to ‘What exactly is Regenerative.’

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