The Stark Truth: Grain-fed vs. Grass-fed

written by

Kevin Cory

posted on

April 27, 2022

The Stark Difference: Industrial Grain-fed vs. Grass-fed

Since starting down this journey, I have shared some "hard truths" about the industrial food system. The simplicity of sharing these truths has made the difference for many of our neighbors as it has resonated with them. Everybody must eat and many of your neighbors have made the decision to stop funding the industrial model but choosing healthy, ethical sources of meat.

Today, we continue down our path of enlightenment to explore the differences between industrial Grain-fed vs. truly Grass-fed meat as we continue our commitment to helping you, as our neighbor, become an informed, confident, consumer!

Let's get started...

GRASS-fed: We provide every animal over 50,000 sq. ft of fresh pasture

GRAIN-fed: 20 sq. ft. per animal and raised on a concrete pad in a feedlot

GRASS-fed: Requires fresh air, sunlight, fresh water 

GRAIN-fed: Requires drugs, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, mining of the soil, fossil fuels, and chemicals 

GRASS-fed: Regenerates the soil and sequesters carbon

GRAIN-fed: Exploits the soil, degrades the environment, fouls the air, poisons the water table, and emits carbon

GRASS-fed: Lambs & calves left with their mother’s for up to a year

GRAIN-fed: Calves separated from their mother’s at 5-6 months

GRASS-fed: Long lifespans due to natural forage diets and space to exercise

GRAIN-fed: Short lifespans due to negative health effect from grain diets and hormone implants 

GRASS-fed: Produces meat higher in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats

GRAIN-fed: Produces meat higher in inflammatory omega-6 fats

GRASS-fed: Grass diet = cows with a balanced PH and healthy gut function

GRAIN-fed: Grain diet = ulcerated, acidic, e-coli-infested cow rumens (cattle aren't meant to eat grain)

GRASS-fed: Daily salad bar of diverse medicinal forages

GRAIN-fed: Consume GMO grains produced with chemicals

GRASS-fed: Our animals are harvested at family-owned abattoirs open to the public

GRAIN-fed: Harvested at industrial-scale slaughterhouses closed off to the public 

GRASS-fed: Cows self-harvest the grass below their feet 

GRAIN-fed: Tractor starts, harvest the feed, haul the feed to the animal from afar

GRASS-fed: Accounts for 3% of U.S. retail beef sales

GRAIN-fed: Accounts for 97% of U.S. retail beef sales

GRASS-fed: An industry made up of thousands of family farms

GRAIN-fed: An industry controlled by four major international conglomerates with their wellbeing in mind

GRASS-fed: Replicates natural systems and cycles which have thrived for millennia – divinely designed

GRAIN-fed: Made possible by the last 80 years of industrial agriculture

GRASS-fed: Slower better - happier healthier 

GRAIN-fed: Fatter faster - bigger cheaper

These are stark contrasts in the food system. I share these differences as a way of articulating the importance you have as a consumer in your shopping decisions. You are the impact that supports regenerative farms like Follow Me Land & Livestock.

Did you notice the dramatic difference in how industrial Grain-fed Beef is exploiting the environment, while true Grass-fed has a POSITIVE effect on it?!?!

Thanks for reading.

Your neighborhood farmer,


Follow Me Land & Livestock

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