Grass Based Health

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Kevin Cory

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July 3, 2022

Science Saturday - Grass Based Health

I’m not advocating we eat grass, as we’re not designed to digest high cellulose and dense, complex fibers and carbohydrates of vegetation. More on that later.

The study of mankind, through our numerous fields of sciences and philosophies, determines that a natural diet is a diet consisting primarily of highly nutrient dense fats and complete proteins ascertained from the consumption of animals. However, it cannot be any animal, as the method of animal husbandry must be conducive with the innate qualities of the animal itself (God’s design).  The animal must be bred, born, raised, and finished on healthy fertile environments.  

Garbage in - Garbage out.

The animal must be raised on a pasture (forage) based diet.  This includes all livestock classes: sheep, cattle, goats, chickens, rabbits, squab, quail, etcetera.  Production that is synchronized with Natural Design as the multi-chambered ruminant is not created to convert high carbohydrate grain into healthy meat and fats.  Similar is the production of single-chambered omnivors like swine, chicken, quail, and squab.  The difference lies in the ratio of feed sources in the diet.  A ruminant (sheep, cattle, and goats) can and will thrive on strictly low quality forage, the American Bison comes to mind. 

In comparison, the omnivor (poultry and swine) can be supplemented by a thick sward of forage.  This is beneficial to all parties involved: YOU as the consumer, the animal in its state of health, and us as the producer.  This is similar to the importance of eating fresh greens from your home garden.  Chlorophyll is a cleansing agent which aids in the flushing of toxins as well as provides additional readily available vitamins and minerals to augment the highly nutrient dense meats produced in Fort Mitchell, AL. 

For further discovery, I recommend reading What is Grass based Health by Pete B of Grass Based Health as he dives deeper into the anthropological study of how we benefit from high fat, complete protein diets.

Inspired and borrowed from Grass Based Health.

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