The USDA Weaponizes Food Against Alabama's Children

written by

Kevin Cory

posted on

July 1, 2022

The USDA Weaponizes Food against Alabama’s Children

Dystopia - an imagined world or society in which people lead wretched, dehumanized, fearful lives.

We’re truly living in a dystopia as the USDA will withhold Federal food programs from the Alabama School system. Why? 

Earlier in 2022, in an effort to combat the societal onslaught of transgenderism, the Alabama state legislature passed House Bill 322.  This legislation “requires students to use the restroom that corresponds to their biological sex.”  As a father of three beautiful young ladies, this seems reasonable to me, especially in light of sexual misconduct in the Loudon County, VA school district (Trans Teen Guilty of Sexual Assault). In an effort to protect the children of Alabama, the law was passed. 

However, as one can ascertain from the events around us, there is a constant push for the normalization of transgenderism and a rise in children (especially adolescent girls) identifying as the opposite sex. This is being pushed and forced upon us by the Biden Administration as evidenced in their interpretation of Title IX, a law designed to give girls equal opportunities.  In response to the agenda, Agriculture Secretary Vilsack (USDA) interpreted Title IX to include “gender identity.”  And, in accordance with administrative authority, the USDA will withhold Federal sourced and funded food programs from Alabama Schools (US Rep Calls on USDA to Rescind Directive).

Neighbors, this is weaponization of the food system to meet political objectives!

As a fan of military history, the weaponization of food systems has been used during periods of total war.

Total War - military policy, strategy, and tactics that deliberately targets civilian populations to achieve military objectives.  

Total War is a principle many nations, including our own, have used in the past to devastating effects.  Agent Orange during the Vietnam Conflict. WWII bombing campaigns. Employment of chemical munitions against land resources during WWI. Scorched Earth strategy by the Soviets, Nazies, Bulschivicts, Communists. The US Federal Government’s bounty on Buffalo populations with the eye towards starving the Native Americans. During the Napoleonic Wars, the Russians scorched earth tactics.  Renaissance and Medieval periods of campaigns against cropland to punish peasants and serfs. Siege warfare throughout history dating back to antiquity where cities were starved. Destruction of livestock. Poisoning of wells. Burning of fields. The Roman’s burned and salted the fields of Carthage.  Military tactics designed to target a civilian population with the intent of starving the populace and the opponents military. All of these tactics were applied against an enemy nation during periods of declared conflict.  Periods of warfare. 

So why is the US Federal Government, via the USDA, weaponizing food against the children of Alabama?

Are they at war with US Citizens to force their immoral agenda?

Neighbors, Laura and I are advocates for food security. Advocates for decentralized, locally oriented food systems focused on providing healthy, nutritious naturally raised food for our neighbors.  By rejuvenating our local food system, we can be relatively immune from the whims of the unholy marriage between the Federal Government and the corporate giants who control our food.  By supporting your local producers, you support the local economy. A strong local economy is relatively immune from the globalized system that benefits corporate giants.   

Last point.

If the USDA will weaponize the food system against the children of Alabama, which state is next? What other aspect of the economy will be weaponized? Access to food? Access to vaccinations? Access to employment? Access to funding for infrastructure?

Follow us to Food Security.

Blessed Day

Kevin & Laura Cory

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